November 26

Testimonial from Stifany and Eduardo

This amazing couple came to New Zealand and we are very happy with this achievement. Stifany and Eduardo, may Vida Feliz accompany you whenever you need!

When we find competent professionals and partners we can trust, our journey becomes less arduous. And it was like that with Tania and Steve from Vida Feliz company.

We had all the support we needed when we arrived and that way we also built a friendship and with all your experience and experience in New Zealand we set up a schedule of visa applications and best schools.

First, I would like to thank you for my super fast student visa and for the excellent indication of the Dynaspeak school, where I was able to meet wonderful people from all over the world who welcomed me with all affection. And the most important thing was being able to communicate and write in English with just 14 weeks of the course.

This foundation was essential to move forward and want to stay in this wonderful country more and more. Even when I was sick Tania was ready to help with anything that was necessary, and the health insurance, also made by her, covered everything and even the medication.

Next was our biggest achievement: Eduardo's work visa, my fiancé for 3 years in just 15 days, and so on, my partner visa, all with the full support of Steve and Tania. I had absolutely no headaches with anything; I handed over the necessary papers and they handled the rest.

Today I am very happy and making new plans every day.

I leave here my thanks to God and to Vida Feliz that contributed the most important step to continue this journey.


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