Packages for students

Starting a course abroad gives the student many challenges and new experiences. We know how difficult it is to settle in a new country and we will provide an exclusive package with you, the student, in mind to help you start your studies in an organized and smooth way and make the most of your stay in New Zealand.

  • Airport reception and breakfast;
  • Transfer to accommodation;
  • Auckland city tour;
  • Purchase of SIM Card for cell phone;
  • IRD number application;
  • Make AT Hop card (bus card);
  • Bank account opening (minimum 4 month visa);
  • Follow up to school on the first day of class;
  • Help with questions during your stay;
  • Visa Application: subject to additional fees.

Personalized Package: Thinking about meeting your needs according to your profile and aspirations, Vida Feliz also offers you the option of putting together your own package of services. Choose the services according to your needs and request a quote.