Investment visas

There are 2 types of investment resident visas:

  • Investor 1
    An investor must have NZ$10m which he/she must invest in New Zealand for a minimum period of 3 years; and
  • Investor 2
    The investor must have at least NZ$1.5 million to invest for a minimum period of 4 years and another NZ$1 million to use for their own settlement in New Zealand.  They must be 65 years old or younger, have at least 3 years business experience and have an English language IELTS score of at least 3.

In both classes the investment funds must be:

  • Legally acquired.  Proving the provenance of the funds is necessary for a successful application;
  • Owned by the investor or the investor and his/her partner and/or his/her dependent children;
  • Must be unencumbered and not borrowed
  • Must be transferred to an approved investment in New Zealand.

We can prepare a successful Investor application for you.  We will recommend a registered New Zealand financial advisor to work with you to ensure that you will have a well-structured investment portfolio that meets the approved investment requirements for immigration purposes.