Entrepeneur visas

The Entrepreneur Work Visa offers people with bright ideas and business experience the opportunity to come to New Zealand and set up a new business or purchase and revitalise an existing one.

This visa is an excellent pathway towards residence.  Entrepreneur Work Visa holders who  found a new business or acquire and revitalise an existing one and then meet or exceed their business plan over a 2 year period (or 6 months if a capital investment of NZ$500,000 or more is made) are entitled to apply for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa.

Family members of Entrepreneur Work Visa holders are entitled to a Partnership Based Work Visa or domestic Student Visas as applicable.

To qualify for an Entrepreneur Work Visa you must:

  • Have a business idea that will contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth by being high-growth, innovative and/or with export potential OR
  • Have expertise as a senior manager in a large enterprise and/or a self-employed businessperson
  • Be able to invest at least NZ$100,000 of capital in the business you intend to establish or acquire
  • Be able to qualify for 120 points based on age, experience, capital investment, location of business (if outside Auckland), projected full-time employment creation for New Zealanders and projected turnover (for export businesses)
  • Submit a Business Plan that is unique to your business an no more than 3 months old at the time of submission.

The preparation of a credible Business Plan is critical to the success of an Entrepreneur Work Visa application.  Projections must be well researched and realistic.  They should include a SWOT analysis and must demonstrate that the applicant has access to sufficient capital to finance the business.

Vida Feliz is uniquely positioned to assist in the preparation of a Business Plan that meets the requirements for an Entrepreneur Work Visa application.