Are you looking to add a new dimension to your life?

Are you looking for somewhere safe and secure to live with a stable government, a strong and growing economy and where you can live a healthy lifestyle in a clean environment?

Are you looking for somewhere you can raise your family, with first class education and health services, a great outdoors for them to explore and in a country known for its tolerance of diversity?

New Zealand IS what you are looking for!

Don’t take our word for it! New Zealand constantly leads World surveys:

Are you interested in starting a new life for yourself and your family?

New Zealand is a modern, English-speaking country with a rich culture, known internationally for its beautiful natural landscapes and the culture of its native people, the Maori.

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, about 2,200km east of Australia, New Zealand is made up of two islands – the North Island and the South Island. Similar in size and shape to the UK and Japan, New Zealand has a relatively small population of approximately 5.2 million inhabitants, being one of the least populated countries in the world.

New Zealand's identity was built on the strong influence of Maori culture, British colonization and more recently by other immigrants mainly from the Asian and Pacific Island nations. New Zealanders are known for being warm, welcoming and friendly to visitors.

In New Zealand, children can walk to school, the police are reliable and government officials and politicians do not accept bribes.

Here you will find great lifestyle options, pristine beaches, verdant native forest (no harmful insects, spiders or snakes) and majestic mountains for alpine sports. No wonder New Zealanders love nature. They have also found many different ways to enjoy the outdoors (a New Zealander was the pioneer of bungee jumping) and as a result have become the world's adventure tourism destination.

Also considered one of the best countries in the world to raise children, New Zealand is a great playground for young and old. Children grow up with grass and sand between their toes, run, jump, swim and play on our beautiful beaches and parks, and have access to one of the highest standards of education and health in the world.

All these aspects make New Zealand a very attractive country to live.

Quick Facts

Approximately 5.2 million inhabitants

Largest city:
Auckland (population approx. 1.6 million)


Official Language:
English and Te Reo (Maori language)

New Zealand Dollar

Conversion rate:
US$0.71 (Nov 2021)

Diversity: Auckland is New Zealand's most multicultural city, with inhabitants from Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Maori descent.

Climate: New Zealand has 4 seasons, but extreme temperatures do not usually occur. The average temperature in Auckland is around 20 °C in summer (December
to March) and 11 °C in winter (June to August).