March 26

Testimonial from Sergio, Taritha and Sarah Gomes

An amazing family and an international experience for everyone! Check the testimony of the Sergio, Taritha and Sarah Gomes family.

For some time our family wanted to have an international experience and we chose New Zealand for the quality of life and the level of study promoted by the country's Universities.

Sergio came to pursue a full doctorate and is very satisfied with the university.

We have a four-year-old daughter who is enjoying the experience of children in NZ a lot, including having an excellent quality school at no cost.

Tania and Steve's work was fundamental to their arrival here, enabling the resolution of important issues quickly, such as living in excellent places, buying a car, cell phone plans, transportation, looking for school, among others.

Therefore, we recommend Vida Feliz to make this change process as smooth as possible!


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