May 26

Testimonial from Marly Kamimura

Marly Kamimura is the mother of Jessica Arraes, a former student at Howick College and also counted on our help so that her daughter had an amazing stay in New Zealand.

My daughter Jessica, when she was 16 years old (2014) came to New Zealand and studied at Howick College.

Jessica was enchanted by the security of the country, the receptivity of the New Zealand people, its culture and the opportunity to socialize with students of different nationalities, broadening her vision of the world.

She made several “kiwis” friends, as New Zealanders are called, and enjoyed the experience so much that she plans to move back to New Zealand as soon as she finishes university in Brazil, or if possible, even sooner.

During all the planning process for coming to NZ (choice of school, forms, visa, accommodation, etc.), Tania played a fundamental role. She was the one who gave me peace of mind, as a mother, to send my daughter to a country so far away, knowing that she would have support if she needed it. Upon arrival and back in Brazil, Tania accompanied my daughter and the other students who came from Brazil to Auckland airport, ensuring everyone's well-being. She reported on her development at Howick College so I could follow even from a distance. Even after she finished her course, he helped her with the entire Australian visa application process, accompanying her to the consulate so that she could take a tourist trip to Australia.

In April/May 2016 I personally got to know New Zealand and visited the main universities in Auckland. The feeling of well-being and security is surreal!

Tania and Steve showed me the city, the Kiwi lifestyle, schools/universities and their circle of friends. I loved everything around here! If you have the opportunity, come, also get to know NZ and count on Vida Feliz's super strong 10 and professionalism (Tania and Steve)!


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