Parnell District School

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Parnell District School

Parnell District School is a secure, inclusive, respectful, happy and challenging place focused on growth, and learning from years 1-8

Our school is a Year 1 to Year 8, decile 10, inner city state primary school with ready access to the Eastern Beaches, the museum, the art gallery and some of the more historic buildings of Auckland.

Parnell District School was first founded in 1873and has been operating on the St. Stephens Avenue site since 1933. In recent years we have experienced considerable roll growth and a number of classrooms and specialists rooms have been added. The Ministry of Education predicts continued roll growth in this area and proposes to develop the site accordingly. The first of these building projects was completed in December 2012 and included 9 new classrooms and an administration centre.

Our guiding principles

1. To prepare children for further education and for life beyond the school, enabling them to become compassionate, inquiring, confident and competent adults in society.

2. To create a warm and supportive school environment where people are accepted and valued and feel able to express themselves intellectually and emotionally.

3. To build a learning community of shared goals, values, ideas, ideals and commitments through effective communication and consultation with parents / family and the wider community

4. To encourage children to understand and appreciate the multicultural diversity of our

community and society and promote knowledge of and pride in New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage by recognizing the Treaty of Waitangi.

5. To be an innovative school where we constantly work to analyse and assess our own performance in a continuing effort to improve.

6. To provide safe physical surroundings within a context of design integrity and a cohesive overall development plan.

7. To provide effective leadership, organization and administration.

8. To ensure that changes made to the school are consistent with long term and annual planning decisions.