June 14

Testimonial from Tiago and Raphaelly

Tiago and Raphaelly's dream was realized in 2017/2018. Check it out below!

Hi, I have a long story, but I will try to summarize.

In 2016, I made plans to study in Australia together with my wife Raphaelly. We closed with an agency and we were paying for everything to materialize at the end of 2017. But all this went wrong; we had our visas denied and there was despair, but as our main objective was the study, we started to see other possibilities until we liked New Zealand.

We started to see other agencies and they were all talking not to try New Zealand, which would be denied too, even the agency we had hired previously. It was then, in the middle of this search, I met Tania and Steve, from Vida Feliz. By talking to Tania via Skype, she gave us confidence and transparency in her work and gave us hope.

We came to New Zealand and applied for our student visas, which were approved in just one week. And with that, we started our student life in New Zealand.

After 5 months, when our visa expired, I got a job and, again, we had the services of Vida Feliz, which was our greatest achievement, my work visa that came out in a month lasting 3 years and my wife's that she has a partner work visa for 3 years too.

As Tania always says: “I'm a mother to you here. ” I close by thanking you Tania and Steve for your professionalism and commitment to each step of our process.

Your HAPPY LIFE is in New Zealand!


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