November 1

Testimonial from Monize & Loïc

I met Tania in 2012, during a connection in Chile, the first time I went to New Zealand to study English. We chatted for a few hours and exchanged our contacts before boarding the plane to Auckland. I stayed in NZ for 1 year and a half, and returned to Brazil in 2013.

In 2016, when my husband and I started to come up with the idea of returning to NZ, we contacted several agencies to explore the safest options for obtaining NZ residency.

No agency seemed to have a lot of experience and confidence to present the options (some didn't even bother to respond). Then I remembered that I still had Tania's contact, who had already founded Vida Feliz.

Tania and Steve's service was by far the most professional, attentive, honest and with extensive knowledge of the safest options for immigrating to NZ (in our case, through graduate school).

Tania and Steve clearly guided us through the entire process, from enrolling at the university, enrolling in the subjects of the course I chose, validating my husband's diploma, applying for a visa (and following up with immigration), booking our home for the first few weeks, until estimated cost of living (which was already different from 2012).

Vida Feliz support was continuous during subsequent visa applications, right up to the long-awaited residency application. Thanks to Steve's knowledge of local legislation, we were able to apply directly for permanent residency (which shortened the process by two years), and of course, get it.

We can certainly say that Tania and Steve's service and expertise in NZ favoured us and brought more security to our journey, and that is why we are now permanent residents in NZ.

Thank you very much!

Monize and Loïc


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